Jacob Lagasse Peculiarities
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Functional Ceramics



Roses are Red People are Dead

In a far off galaxy a planet very compatible to our own the human population has overgrown and gradually decayed intellectually. Not being aware of the rapidly evolving plant humanoid species that has flourished and encompassed them, this results in their moronic enslavement.

Our little charmer here has finally worked up the tenacity to ask the brightest sunflower to dinner. He decided to convey his proposal by offering a gift of a dozen of his disposable beheaded subservient man-slaves. This, of course, would impress any species of flower, but being pretentious like most sunflowers she would only agree to a cup of tea.  But even the smallest of things begin as just a seed. 

Roses aren’t always red.

People aren't all behead. 



High-Fire White Stoneware, V.C, Blue Green Glaze (under fired to Cone 7)

Lovely Lumps

      When you're feeling the doom and gloom of life, caught up in a slump use that energy to create something out of nothing. Any time you put your hands on a lump of clay, a pen to paper, or paint to a brush you are manifesting your mark on the world.

Every time you use your hands and imagination to form something beautiful, ugly, new, old, or just a mess this is you developing your own personal form and style of art.  

It is special  because just by creating it and transferring your energy you've given it power. This little piece of you has been transformed into something tangible right out of your mind. 



"Art is just a word, it is anything you decide it is.

No one can ever tell you what is good or bad art, it is art none the less."



Wheel-Thrown green-ware

Wheel-Thrown green-ware

Wheel-Thrown green-ware

Wheel-Thrown green-ware


Wheel Throwing

Understanding wheel throwing all starts with centering the clay and your ability to use your body as a form of clay altering machine. Keyword: Machine, being only human most will find centering to be quite a challenge, once somewhat mastered you'll have your own technique.

This connection between our hands to our wrists to the clay and to the pottery wheel is a flow of pressure and spontaneous reaction.


Everything that is happening while working on the potter's wheel is a dance.  Some dances are very stiff and rehearsed, while others are dramatic and concise, but the most entertaining and freeing dances are the ones when the dancers are totally connected.

What I'm proposing is to come to the wheel and be completely free and open strictly listening to your intuitive.      

Pure Creation.






Morphosis Sculptures





 Acrylic Paint on Terracotta Ball-jointed Form

Inspired by the Philippine Tarsier







 Acrylic Paint on Terracotta Ball-jointed Form