Jacob Lagasse is a native Artist of Louisiana, currently enrolled at Louisiana State University with a double major in painting & ceramics. Lagasse began his artist's practice as a painter with an admiration for sculpture, not until his first hand-building course did he find his true kindred. 

He spent the summer of 2015 at the Burren College of Art in Ireland; studying site-specific environmental sculpture and watercolor. Furthering his fascination for harmonizing earthly materials with the modernity to create a hybridized beauty. Each sculpture presently exist on site at the Burren; one of which, resides within painter, Richard Hearn’s private collection. Currently, he works to finish his B.F.A at Louisiana State University researching the metamorphosis of our constant evolution. The works entity is guided by the embrace of our human vulnerabilities and acceptance of the primal conscious. 

Jacob Laggasse